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JurAvon Park Equestrian Centre

Meet our agistees and their beloved ponies!

Clare Hayes & Kaia

Nicola Verrechia & Kenz

Catherine Friday & Ruby

Jen Mainland & Bart

Anouk Burns & Guiness & Kalina

Leah Follett & Willie

Desma Stier & Chad & Reggie

Charlotte Whitall & Falkor

Kiara Galea & Galli

Kathryn Whyte & Lofty

Miranda Ingram & Polly

Kobie Mallia & Miffy

Taylor Kerr & Elvis

Rachelle Grady & Scout

Emily Galea & Louis

Emma Turnbull & Bubbles & Zephyr

Gabe Follett & Mr GG

Elyse Van Arkel & Stanley

Stacey Lawrance & Gorden

Caitlin Woods Frewen & Grace

Beth Whelan & Breeze

Tegan Webster & Buddy & Clyde

Julie Madden & Max

Indy Cuzzupe & Mr GG

Alisha Nicholls & Chester

Jolie Valsamis & Halie