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JurAvon Park Equestrian Centre

Select the appropriate form below to request a booking

Individual Facility Hire - by the hour

Individual Facility Hire

Select this booking form if you are an individual wishing to book either the indoor or outdoor arena. Note.. 1 rider/horse booking time. 

To book any of our facilities for sole use please call or text Renee on 0498 032 254.

Short Term Stable & Camping ‚Äč- not available at this time.

Stable/ Camping

Complete this booking form if you wish to book short term stable and or camping. Note: For short term paddock agistment please contact Renee on 0498032254

Event/ Clinic Facility Hire - for one or more days

Event/ Clinic Venue Hire

Select this booking form if you are a club or individual wishing to hire the facilities privately for one or more days.

Agistment Waiting List Form

Waiting List Form

Select this form if you wish to be added to our agistment waiting list.